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05.23.07 - New Tutorial Added

05.13.07 - Art Filler

Hey! Welcome to Faerie Tales (the humans call it 'FT')~ My name is Mary and I'll be the one dragging you around this lovely, lovely little bit of webspace.

Today's Comic

04.21.07 - Updates for FT will now be on weekends! :D There are also newly made forums! Please join and help support us! We like to get to know you guys. ^^ Also new tutorials (finally) and a short three panel mini-comic made of pure humour called "In n' Outs of a Familiar". ^_- Stay tuned for more information!
04.05.07 - All I do is appologize when it comes to stuff like this. lol Again, I'm sorry about the lack of updates. I'm not going to get into why we haven't been able to update as it's just the usual life bs. Just know that we are getting back into the swing of things and we're moving into the real fun stuff. :D Also, to help us remain motivated, some reader input would be great. :D Sometimes we wonder if we're only doing this for ourselves. Although by this point I wouldn't be surprised if we have any readers left. haha ;3

12.07.06 - My deepest appologies on the lack of updates! I've been rather short on storyboards as Brady's been rather busy herself. So it's been rather tough to draw without knowing the script. _-_ Hopefully with the holiday season here and we'll be out of classes and all she can get more storyboard to me. *hopeful*
08.29.06 - We're bustin' a move with the comic pages! Lots of updates, and soon to come Tutorials! If you have anything you would like to add, or have any suggestions drop either of us a line through e-mail, or leave a note in the shout box. ^^ We check the site daily.
08.20.06 - Ooooh. I'm getting back into it! Finished today's page last night, and did it all in a day, from pencil to tone. :D I'm all proud of myself. XD And their is a new poll! Vote for which tutorial I should work on first for the new tutorial's section.
08.16.06 - OMFG. I'm terribly sorry about the unexpected haitus. I downloaded this new MMORPG when it first started out in pre-beta back in June and it basically zapped all of my time. It was so addicting that I could never get back to working on anything productive. XD So, my appologies on that. Hopefully I can get back into the swing of things. :D Thank you for sticking around with us. ^_-
06.09.06 - Due to the lack of blurbs now with the new layout, you can read up on the life of Ahro and find out stuff about the comic on a daily basis at her new LJ http://ahr0.livejournal.com/. Feel free to friend away. :D Also, detailed updates etc will be posted in the LJ for Faerie Tales itself http://ftwebcomic.livejournal.com/. So make sure to check in on both of them. :D
06.07.06 - The convention went wonderfully. Met many amazing people, and some fans of the comic. ^_^ Hopefully some new affilates to come out of it. :D Should have some more interesting art and more to come up soon.
05.26.06 - Everything is finally up and running. Now than, onto serious updates. New images added to the gallery in Ahro's section. There will be new coloured cast pictures up as I need to fix the tables as it doesn't seem to want to line up the way I want it too. And there is a POLL in the SHOP section for you all to vote in to let us know what you would like to buy when it comes down to FT merchandise. So vote away! :D
And I personally demand more activity in the forums. lol
05.25.06 - V4.0 made it's debut!!!
04.14.06 - New Blurbs by both Artist and Author. CONTEST!!! Read Ahro's blurb for more details and then head over to the Forums to post your ideas!!!
Winner recieves hand signed, free commission by yours truly (Ahro). ^_-


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